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Why sanitary towels?

In many countries worldwide, girls drop out at the backend of primary school, around 7th or 8th grade, due to their menstrual cycle. The most vulnerable age of a female in Kenya and other 3rd world countries is between 11-14, or grades 6-8. During this period, girls are prone to early marriage, early pregnancy, and other corresponding issues such as HIV/AIDS. 


UNICEF and FAWE, two reputable organizations, report that a girl’s menstruation cycle is among the most critical causes of dropout for girls in Africa. This is often a result of embarrassment, shame, and stigma surrounding the period. The Government of Kenya reports that poor girls will miss on average 20% of school days due to lack of access to sanitary towels. As a result, girls frequently do poorly in class, causing them to fall behind and consequently be unable to continue on to secondary school. 


However, when we are able to provide reliable access to sanitary towels, as well as knowledge in areas such as menstrual health, hygiene and protecting and valuing their bodies, girls have the confidence and the necessary supplies to stay in school. 

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