Our Advisory Board

Kelley Bunkers, Lane Bunkers, Lilly Bekele-Piper


Selah Piper

Founder, Project Imagine

Hi I'm Selah, I'm 18 years old and Ethiopian-American. Project Imagine has been such a blessing to me, in which we are able to develop relationships with and learn from the girls we support. Girls who dream big deserve a fair shot at these dreams, and lack of sanitary towels and confidence in oneself and one's body should never be the reason a girl can't pursue her dreams. Project Imagine has given me something to believe in order to overcome this. After graduating from ISK in 2020, I am now a first-year student at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Isabella Bunkers

Founding Member, Project Imagine

My name is Isabella (Bella) and I am 18 years old. My parents are American, but I am a global citizen that feels happiest when helping others. I am honoured to be one of the founding members of Project Imagine, as I am passionate about girls, their periods, and building a better future for them. After graduating from ISK in 2020, I am now a first-year student at Santa Clara University.

General Members

Leader: Natasha Ndele

Hana Gregor • Simon Bunkers • Solomon Piper • Jakob Heck • Joshua Mwangi • Silas Piper • Kiran Priestley • Trisha Shah • Telma Sandin • Vera Laws • Sonia Shah • Serena Pradhan • Rahel Mitslale • Cindy Ayuninjam • Nadia Kinyany • Phoebe Laws

Boys Program

Leaders: Isaiah Bowen-Karlyn and Hanna Irish

Simon Bunkers • Solomon Piper • Silas Piper • Jakob Heck • Sophie Gonah • Hannah de Jong 

School visits

Leaders: Juliane Heck and Melissa Askew

Junwhan Lee • Faith Ouma • Phoebe Laws • Solomon Piper • Sophie Gonah 


Social Media Director: Makda Assefa

Co-Directors of Graphic Design: Adesholla Bishop and Varia Voloshin

Hannah de Jong • Silas Piper • Makda Assefa • Trisha Shah • Kiara Ehsani • Emilie Noel • Ella Kaufman • Faith Ouma • Lia Millo • Luna de Fluiter • Mara Vigada • Keeara Walji • Simon Bunkers


Heads of Publicity: Hazel Singh and Kiara Ehsani

Anabel Ockman • Maxim Johnson • Serena Pradhan


Leaders: Faith Ouma and Phoebe Laws

Hannah de Jong • Trisha Shah • Aaina Shah • Vera Laws • Maxim Johnson • Sonia Shah • Emilie Noel • Ella Kaufman • Solomon Piper


Campaign Manager: Hazel Singh


Head of Kakuma Project: Rahel Mitsale

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