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  • Visited Swani for the 4th time on February 10th, marking a year of partnering with Swani School.

  • Hosted a fundraiser on April 2nd to reach out to the local community, raising over $2,500! 

  • We presented to the International School of Kenya Parent Teacher Organization in May.

  • In May we were selected to give a TEDxTalk at the International School of Kenya. We talked about why we started Project Imagine, and how the smallest thing, a sanitary towel, can make the biggest difference.

  • In June we were thrilled to welcome Meg McNulty as our advisor. 

  • We visited Swani in May and September, giving us the opportunity to further our relationships with the growing number of girls in class 6,7, and 8. 

  • We received funding for the '30 girls project' which will supply 30 girls with sanitary towels throughout their secondary education after graduating Class 8.

  • In November we became a registered Community-Based Organization in Kenya, solidifying our status with the Government of Kenya!

  • We hosted a Happy Hour fundraiser in December as well as shared Project Imagine on all our social media platforms. As a result, we were able to raise $5,384! 



  • Visited Swani for the first time on February 22, 2016. Over the year, we supported over 200 girls for three school terms
  • We held two fundraising teas; one in March and one in April. An additional $4,000 was raised! 
  • We presented Project Imagine to the entire Middle School of ISK during a school assembly

  • Two more distributions were held at Swani in May and November 

  • Distributed 20,763 pads at Swani Primary School 

  • Began the process of exploring distribution in Debre Markos, Ethiopia 

  • At only $6.48/girl per year, we were able to help all Class 6, 7, and 8 students for the entire year!

  • We now have sufficient funding to work in Swani Primary school for another 2 years, giving us the opportunity to start thinking about branching out.  



  • The idea of Project Imagine was conceived in July 2015
  • An initial request for funding was sent in October 2015 to friends and family yielding an initial investment of just over $2,100

  • The first team of five 8th graders from the International School of Kenya began to meet and plan 

  • In November 2015, the Director of the Sanitary Towels Program in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology invites Project Imagine to help them reach the schools that they cannot support 

  • A bake sale in November 2015 yielded an additional $200 towards PI



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