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A Review of 2019 

Positivi-tea: An afternoon of sweets and celebration

The Positivi-tea gave the Project Imagine community an opportunity to conclude and celebrate the 100,000 pad celebration: we definitely went out with a bang! Friends, families, and new supporters of Project Imagine gathered on a sunny Sunday afternoon in April to learn, listen, and enjoy the Academy Award winning film, Period. End of Sentence. This event raised over $3,000 USD, but more importantly, allowed us to show our gratitude for the community that has supported us from the beginning, and welcome new supporters to the PI family. We are thankful! 

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100,000 Pads campaign

Project Imagine celebrated the distribution of over 100,000 pads in March 2019, in conjunction with Women’s History Month! To commemorate this milestone, we hosted a week of “Period Positive” events on campus to reduce the stigma girls and women face and increase awareness about menstruation health. We posted “period positive” menstrual health facts in all the bathrooms across school and daily on our social media platforms, co-hosted a viewing of the Oscar-winning film “Period. End of Sentence” with National Honor Society and offered free donuts to those that attended and invited students to post a “period positive” message on a Project Imagine message board during the week. The week was bookended by a bake sale at the school farmer’s market and a yard sale that raised almost $500 in support of Project Imagine’s work. It was a busy, fun and informative celebration of 100,000 pads, 600 girls and three years of imagining a better future for all girls and women! 

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Summer Fundraising

Project Imagine members spotted on both coasts of the United States! Our summer began with a presentation by Isabella Bunkers and Isaiah Bowen-Karlyn to Mountain Shadows School in New Hampshire. Mountain Shadows has been supporting Project Imagine for over almost years, providing over 200 girls with reliable access to sanitary towels! It was an honour to be welcomed at their school, and have a chance to interact with some amazing kids!


In July, all the way across the country, we find three Project Imagine members hosting a fundraiser in Eugene, Oregon. Simone Laws, Phoebe Laws, and Isabella Bunkers were found speaking to 50 eager-to-learn Oregonians about everything that Project Imagine does! By donating over 3,000 USD, Eugene really showed their support, even requesting information on how they can have their own fundraiser to spread the message further. 

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WhatsApp Image 2019-06-12 at 12.02.55 AM
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