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A Review of 2018

Star Gazing - Travelling Telescope Fundraiser

The Travelling Telescope event allowed the community (over 200+ people - our largest fundraiser yet!) to come together to raise awareness and money for Project Imagine, as our guests were able to enjoy the evening looking at the stars whilst learning about PI's work and purpose. We raised over $6000 and we so grateful for the support of our sponsors. Please see the pictures below and consider joining us next time!

Our FIRST Distribution to Mt. Olive Primary School!

Our first distribution to Mt. Olive Boys and Girls School was incredibly exciting, as Project Imagine expands with our growing members and capacity. We talked to all the girls, ages 11-16, about proper hygiene, how to use menstruation pads and proper disposal of sanitary pads. Half the Project Imagine team went to Swani Primary School, and the other half to Mt. Olive. During our visit, many girls at Mt. Olive asked us questions about hygiene, puberty, sex and identity. It was a growing experience for all of us. We look forward to partnering with the school, growing our relationship with girls our age and seeing them progress in school and as young women. We will visit them three times a year, as well. And we are developing a curriculum for the young men, as well, and are grateful that Project Imagine has male members this year! 

Beginning our Peer Mentorship Sessions at Salama!

Since February 2018, we have been partnering with Salama School in Gachie, Kenya to build a program of peer-to-peer education that strengthens the self-esteem, self-appreciation and sisterhood of girls in Grades 6-8. With the support of youth health professionals, Project Imagine has developed a curriculum to guide our bi-weekly visits. Using games, song and candid conversation, our relationships are growing stronger and we love our time with our Salama sisters! 

Summer Fundraising!

Over the 2018 Summer, Selah Piper spoke in front of an all female Ohio audience while Isabella Bunkers reached out to the church community of South Dakota. They gave impactful talks on the relevant and pressing issue of girls dropping out of school due to a lack of access to sanitary towels. Through the incredibly generous audience at both locations, they were able to raise a substantial amount of proceeds that would go directly to the girls. 


Class 8 Graduation at Swani Primary School!

In October, we watched the girls that we have supported since Class 6 complete their last term of Class 8! The completion of Class 8 is a transition from primary school to secondary school. This is a big marker for girls as they are significantly less likely to drop out of school after having entered secondary school. This was a wonderful time to celebrate and acknowledge the growth and talent of these young girls, exchange words with them and wish them success as they move on to secondary school. 

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