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Imagine a world where




Project Imagine is a non-profit Community-Based Organization (CBO)

targeting a primary cause behind girls dropping out of school.


Project Imagine has developed a peer to peer model in which our team built of high school-aged members mentors young girls and boys. We partner with two schools in Murang'a County and one school in Nairobi County, and schools in Kiambu County. Working with 1200+ girls, we are striving to break down the stigma surrounding the menstrual cycle through lessons on health, hygiene, and protection. By providing reliable access to sanitary towels and key knowledge, girls have the confidence and the necessary supplies to stay in school.

Why sanitary towels?

What is period poverty?

Learn more about why we do what we do and how we accomplish our goals.


Young girls greatly benefit from having role models close to their own age. Being high school students ourselves, we believe in not only providing the tools needed for girls to finish school - but empowering them, as well. 


It only takes $6.72 to provide a girl with sanitary towels for an entire year! Donate now and change a girl's life for the better.


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